Why should I teach this in my classroom?
Child abuse occurs at all socioeconomic levels, across all ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and at all levels of education. Often times, there is more going on in your students’ lives than others may realize. By making sure that we are educated and informed on this issue, we can prevent children from enduring this unnecessary and unthinkable abuse.

The Safer, Smarter Teens curriculum focuses on teaching students that they have the ability to protect themselves by using their personal power. The activities of this curriculum are designed to help you meet existing educational requirements, in the areas of social studies, health education and safety, while imparting critical safety information.

This curriculum includes critical personal safety information that is appropriate for teenagers, delivered through six lessons for the middle school curriculum and five lessons for the high school curriculum. Each lesson includes a 10-minute video, in-classroom activities, and parent letters. Ideally, the entire curriculum should be completed in nine weeks. The lessons provide strategies and activities for students to ensure their personal safety and how to access help in unsafe situations.

To download the Scope and Sequence of the full spectrum of our curriculum, please click here.

Middle School Lesson One High School Lesson One


When will I receive a binder for my classroom?

You can request a binder by visiting shop.laurenskids.org

Does this curriculum cost the District/school anything?

Yes, the curriculum costs $300. However, in the State of Florida any public or charter school can request these materials for free.

Can I receive more binders for my school if we need more in the future?

The binders are designed so that the materials and files can be used year after year. The binder includes a USB drive with files for each item printed in your kit for reproduction.

Do I have an obligation to report abuse? If so, how do I report abuse if I suspect it or a child discloses abuse?

Yes, every teacher is considered a mandatory reporter. If you suspect abuse or a child discloses abuse, please visit the National Child Abuse Hotline to make a report: childhelp.org. There is also information in your Teacher’s Guide about reporting if you have additional questions.

Is this curriculum approved?

In Florida, Safer, Smarter Kids was legislatively directed. DOE has assisted and supported the Lauren’s Kids foundation to distribute curriculum across the state.

If you would like your district to support the approval and implementation of Safer, Smarter Kids encourage your school board to implement and contact Lauren’s Kids with any questions at [email protected].

Why can't I view the Lauren's Kids main website?

Each school district has its own firewalls to protect faculty or students from visiting inappropriate websites. Because the Lauren’s Kids website and videos contain the word “sex” many districts may have blocked the resources on the site. If you have experienced this, please contact your school district and request that they “whitelist” the Lauren’s Kids website, LaurensKids.org.

Does Lauren's Kids provide trainings for the curriculum?

While the curriculum can be implemented easily using the Teachers’ Guide, Lauren’s Kids provides several options for additional implementation support. We offer free grade-level video trainings, as well as in-person trainings, in addition to professional development courses. Click here for more information.