Middle School

Safer, Smarter Teens: Personal Power is taught through six lessons that incorporate videos in which Lauren reviews scenarios involving middle school students that cover the curriculum topic areas. The teacher will direct in-class discussions and activities, including small group work, and journal prompts. Information is sent home to parents after each lesson to build background knowledge of the day’s topic, to provide parents and their children the opportunity to extend the discussion further, and to allow for more individual attention to this important topic. This discussion also helps to keep the lines of communication open between parents and children, which is key to their safety.

Lesson topics:

  1. Self-Esteem & Personal Power
  2. Fitting In & Acceptance
  3. Grooming & Boundaries
  4. A.C.T.: Abuse, Disclosure and Getting Help
  5. Isolation: Staying Safe in the Virtual World
  6. S.A.F.E.: It’s OK to Tell

High School

Safer, Smarter Teens: Be the Change uses videos, class discussions, and activities to help high school students learn important information about personal safety, rights, and responsibilities. Students will hear from Lauren as she shares her very personal story of abuse, recovery, and advocacy. In conjunction with experts and survivors of abuse, harassment, and dating violence, students will gain awareness into potential dangers. Through classroom discussions and activities, students will develop a Personal Bill of Rights and a Personal Safety P.L.A.N. Students will also learn the importance of advocacy and standing up for their personal rights and the rights of others.

Lesson topics:

  1. Personal Rights and Responsibilities
  2. Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships
  3. The Problem of Sexual Abuse
  4. Dating Violence and Harassment
  5. Advocacy in Action

Middle School Lesson One High School Lesson One