Lauren Book was able to turn her experiences into advocacy and make a difference in the lives of others. You have the personal power to be the change for yourself and possibly even others. Here are some ways how you can become an advocate in action.


  • Participate in a Lauren’s Kids’ Walk in My Shoes event.
  • Organize a school safety rally.
  • Organize school clubs to provide backpacks and school supplies for at-risk students. Include safety tips in the backpack.
  • Make posters to promote school awareness of safety issues.
  • Develop a classroom Safety Pledge. Students will create a pledge, write it on a banner, sign the banner, and display the banner.
  • Develop a school Anti-Cyber Bullying Pledge. Students will create a pledge, write it on a banner and then ask students to sign the banner. The banner will be displayed.
  • Develop public service announcements about safety. Need some ideas? Check out Lauren’s Kids’ “Don’t Miss the Signs” PSAs here!
  • Provide a listening ear to a friend in need.
  • Support your local children’s advocacy center. For a center nearest you, please click here.

Click here to tell us about projects you’ve completed as a class or ideas you’ve come up with as a result of the Safer, Smarter Teens Curriculum! We’d love to hear about your advocacy in action and feature you on Lauren’s Kids’ social media!