Lauren’s Kids, Inc. became a designated 501(c)(3) in December 2007

Lauren’s Kids, Inc.’s mission is to prevent the sexual abuse of minors by educating children and adults about sexual predators, promoting awareness of sexual abuse laws and supporting survivors and their families in post-disclosure recovery. The organization will conduct the following activities to achieve such goals: (1) speaker’s bureau composed of survivors of sexual abuse and family members; (2) educational seminars and workshops; (3) connect individuals with services, including crisis centers for children and families coping with the aftermath of sexual abuse; and (4) support related to survivors’ participation in the criminal prosecution of their perpetrators. Educational seminars and workshops will be designed to address three goals: (1) teaching minors how to avoid becoming a victim of a sexual predator; (2) supporting victims in recovery and during their participation in the prosecution of their perpetrator; and (3) educating individuals, organizations and lawmakers about the tools available to prevent sexual abuse and strengthen prosecution of sexual predators.